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Our treatments can be found BEHIND THE COUNTER at pharmacies, optometrists and optical stores.

Life at

Your voice will not only be heard, but asked for, and genuinely valued.

For any spontaneous application, please email your application to

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Sales & Operations Analyst


Marketing Manager

A mix of kindness and ambition

Working at CandorVision, you can expect to be a part of, not only a successful company, but a friendly, hard-working, helpful and inclusive team.

Helping Hand
Preparing to Climb

Raising the bar, together

We are a team with a wide range of talents and skills to offer, in diverse domains. We collaborate together to make sure we are continuously advancing and setting the bar even higher. 

High standards

We work closely together each and every day, in an environment where each person’s role is in some way tied to one another and contributes to the overall success of the company. We have the same high standards for the work we each contribute as we do for our treatments and services.

Climbers in Rock Wall

Your voice will not only be heard, but asked for, and genuinely valued.

At CandorVision, regardless of your position, you will find a team that is supportive, compassionate, understanding, motivating and willing to do whatever it takes to help you grow and evolve into your role. 


You will have a team of co-workers that easily become friends, a team that is serious when needed but also always ready for a good laugh, a team that is made up of very different individuals but all with the same goals in mind.


You will be welcomed with open arms and a number of helping hands. We are extremely excited to be expanding our incredible team, and we are confident you will fit into this puzzle perfectly!

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