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HYLO® & HYLO® mini can be found BEHIND THE COUNTER at pharmacies, optometrists and optical stores.



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Artificial tears for dry eye relief, contact lens rewetting and after surgery

  • Preservative free & phosphate free​

  • Long-lasting dry eye relief

  • German-engineered airless bottle, dispensing one drop at a time

  • 6-month sterility

  • Now available in two pack sizes – HYLO® or HYLO® mini

HYLO and HYLO-mini dry eye drops

HYLO® is now available in two pack sizes!



300 drops
For f
requent users



HYLO mini
150 drops
For first-time or
occasional users


New, additional starter pack size with the same HYLO® advantages

HYLO mini


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magnified 150.png

(Move the cursor over the image to spot the difference)

Person Using Laptop


HYLO® Lubricating eye drops

Feels incredible

"Working long-hours on the computer at the office, my eyes quickly get tired, dry and uncomfortable. I tried HYLO which feels incredible! The product is smooth to the eyes, the format is practical, and I felt a difference immediately. Thanks to HYLO I can focus on my work without getting distracted or losing my focus because of dry and painful eyes. (...)"

Monika S., Lawyer

Long-lasting relief for fewer daily applications

HYLO® eye drops contain high-molecular-weight Sodium Hyaluronate, which is highly viscous by nature. 
The viscosity of an eye drop is important because the higher the viscosity, the longer it stays on the ocular surface - This means long-lasting relief and fewer daily applications.

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Contact lens compatible

For some people, wearing contact lenses can become uncomfortable, specially when wearing them for a longer period of time. 


Using HYLO® while wearing contact lenses may help minimize dryness and improve your overall experience.

HYLO® is easy to use!

Watch our instructional video

Read the step-by-step instructions

Learn how to use the world's first preservative free, multi-dose container developed by German scientists.

Top German technology

The world's first preservative-free, multi-dose container

6-month sterility

HYLO® features a sophisticated airless system, which prevents contaminated air from coming into contact with the liquid in the bottle.

This technology guarantees that HYLO® is kept sterile during storage and for 6 months after the first use. 

300 sterile doses, 
precisely dosed

Have you ever squeezed an eye drop bottle, and several drops come out at once? This won’t happen with HYLO®.


The HYLO® application system is a pump designed to deliver guaranteed 300 sterile drops - one drop at a time - and calibrates each drop of solution to the same size.

For technical reasons, a small amount will remain in the bottle at exhaustion.

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One drop at a time


Less is more

A sterile technology like HYLO®’s means that only the necessary ingredients are used. HYLO® contains only high-quality sodium hyaluronate, a citrate buffer, sorbitol and water.

On the safe side

HYLO® eye drops are preservative free and phosphate free, which helps avoid unwanted complications such as intolerance or deposits in the cornea.

Preservative Free

Preservatives can damage the cells of the eye surface, destroy the natural tear film and be the cause of intolerance reactions.

Phosphate Free

Phosphates buffers can form insoluble crystals due to the reaction with calcium (which is released from damaged cells of the eye surface). These crystals can impair your vision.

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A dry eye treatment for everyone:

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What is the link between surgery and dry eyes?


The HYLO® Technology

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How does HYLO® stay sterile without preservatives?

HYLO Family of eye drops

Which HYLO® is right for you?

HYLO® Eye Drops

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