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Patient Program


CandorVision is proud to offer a special program for our loyal HYLO® patients.


When you purchase 10 bottles of your favourite HYLO® treatment (10 ml) in the same calendar year, you will get 1 free bottle!

Buy 10, get 1 free!

Hylo with golden bow.png

How does it work?

To qualify, you must purchase a total of 10 HYLO® (10 ml) dry eye treatments during the same calendar year. 

In order to prove your purchases, please keep your receipts as well as the boxes of your HYLO® treatments.

PProgam Elegibility

Step 1

Keep the bottom flap of your HYLO® boxes

Keep the bottom flap (which should show the expiry date and lot number) in a safe place until you have collected a total of ten (10).

Top flap of the HYLO® box
Bottom flap of the HYLO® box

Please make sure to send us the bottom flap that includes the LOT and the Expiry number.

Step 2

Keep your receipts

Keep the original receipts or proof of purchase for every HYLO® bottom flap you are submitting.

If you bought multiple HYLO® units simultaneously, you may submit less than 10 receipts.


Step 3

Mail your receipts 
and bottom flaps to us

If you have already collected your 10 HYLO® bottom flaps and you have your receipts or proof of purchase, then you are ready to submit your application!

Qualifying purchases include:

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