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Our treatments can be found BEHIND THE COUNTER at pharmacies, optometrists and optical stores.




Nighttime protection of the tear film

  • With vitamin A, improves the tear film

  • Preservative free & Phosphate free​

  • Protects and moisturizes overnight

  • Can be used for 6 months after opening

Ocunox Eye Ointment



The best for dry eyes

"I use this ointment at night and I don’t usually have dry eyes during the day. I love that it is preservative free."



With vitamin A

Vitamin A is a natural component of the tear film. It supports tolerance and helps ensure that the ointment mixes well with available tears to relieve the burning sensation of dry or tired eyes.

We produce less tears while asleep

Our tear production tends to decrease at night when our eyes are closed. During sleep, the lacrimal gland produces only about a third of the daytime output of tears.

OCUNOX® Eye Ointment is designed to provide optimal nighttime protection and moisturization.


Doctor's Testimonial


"Easy application and no harsh chemicals or preservatives. My nighttime treatment of choice"

Dr. Mark Eltis

Less is more

A sterile packaging like OCUNOX®’s means that only the necessary ingredients are used. OCUNOX® contains only high-quality ingredients, including retinol palmitate (vitamin A), paraffin, wool fat and white petrolatum.

On the safe side

OCUNOX® Eye Ointment is preservative free and phosphate free, which helps avoid unwanted complications such as intolerance or deposits in the cornea.

Ocunox - Onguet Ophtalmique est placé sur une table, qui est près d'un lit.

Preservative Free

Preservatives can damage the cells of the eye surface, destroy the natural tear film and be the cause of intolerance reactions.

Phosphate Free

Phosphates buffers can form insoluble crystals due to the reaction with calcium (released from damaged cells). These crystals can impair your vision.


Find OCUNOX® behind the counter

OCUNOX® is available at your local optometry, optical stores and without prescription behind the counter at pharmacies.

Find Ocunox

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Our treatments are available at a vast selection of optical stores, optometry clinics, independent pharmacies and eye clinics across Canada.

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How to use 
in 3 simple steps

Ocunox Instructions
A woman is pulling one of her eye lid as a preparation to put an eye ointment.

Step 1

Tilt your head back a little, then slightly retract the lower eyelid from the eye.

A woman is demonstrating how to put Ocunox in your eyes.

Step 2

Apply a slight pressure on the tube to squeeze a small amount of ointment into the conjunctival sac.

A woman with closed eyes, after she has put Ocunox in her eyes.

Step 3

Slowly close the eye.
Good night!

A dry eye treatment for everyone:

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