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NACLINO™ Lid Wipes can be found BEHIND THE COUNTER at pharmacies, optometrists and optical stores.


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The lid wipes of your dreams

  • ​Pure and sterile daily lid hygiene

  • Soap free, preservative free and saline only 

  • Gentle yet effective cleaning for before and after surgery and delicate makeup removal 

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High quality wipes

"These have been great for laser surgery. Wanted to use something safe to clean my eyes, since water has much containment. High quality stretchy cloth wipes. Great packaging."

Shelly T


Using NACLINO™ Lid Wipes, you avoid introducing any soaps or irritants to the delicate skin around your eyes, keeping you on the safe side and staying away from unnecessary complications

Naclino lid wipes

Why pre- and post-surgery lid hygiene is important 

A gentle yet effective cleaning routine may help reduce the risk of unnecessary crusts and infections around the surgery wound, helping the injured tissues of the eye regenerate normally

Why is soap free important?

Our lids are responsible for producing the outer (oily) layer of the tear film, which helps reduce the excessive evaporation of our tears. Soapy cleansers can take away this oily layer, which can worsen dry eye symptoms and inflammation.

On the safe side

NACLINO™ Lid Wipes are soap free and don't contain any other unnecessary irritants, they can gently yet effectively clean your eyelids without creating or worsening any unwanted conditions.  

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As seen on
The Globe and Mail 

Saturday January 22nd, 2022, NACLINO™ Saline Lid Wipes were featured by columnist Caitlin Agnew in The Globe and Mail, with a digital readership of more than 7 million Canadians! Here is a reaction from a patient to the article: 


Comment on The Globe and Mail: 


"Caitlin: I LOVE Naclino! I was so happy to see this post coming from you. I have been a faithful user of Candor’s Hylo dual and Ocunox for 3 years, and Naclino for several months now. What a life changer!!! I mean, it seems so simple, right? “No soap on your lids…”. Yet this is the ONLY wipe that truly doesn’t irritate my delicate eyelids and doesn’t worsen my inflammation. Thank you for sharing this with your readers!" 



Subscriber of The Globe and Mail 

Lid Wipes on the go 

NACLINO™ Lid Wipes are individually packed, pre-moistened and ideal for keeping your eyelids and lashes clean and moist, on the go!

At work, on an airplane, or on a night out, it pays being prepared for gently cleaning your eyelids and removing makeup without any unnecessary irritants.


Used by professional estheticians and lash artists 

Selected professionals in the beauty industry across Canada use NACLINO™ Lid Wipes before procedures, during spa treatments and for keeping lash extensions clean and moist - after and between appointments.

Find NACLINO™ behind the counter!

NACLINO™ Saline Lid Wipes are available at your local optometry, optical stores and without prescription behind the counter at pharmacies.

Where to buy

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Where to buy NACLINO™?

NACLINO™ is available at optical stores, optometry clinics and behind the counter at pharmacies across Canada.

Use this map to find an eye health professional that carries NACLINO™ treatments near you!


Need help finding NACLINO™?

Save this identifier on your device and show to your local health professional. This will help them find it or order it for you!

A dry eye treatment for everyone:

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