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Healthy eyelids are essential for healthy eyes and clear vision.

Understanding our eyelids

When you blink, your eyelids move across the eye, but they are more than just human ‘windshield wipers’.


Eyelids shield your eyes from dirt and other contaminants and block light to help you sleep comfortably—but they also contain tiny glands that secrete oils in the tears.

Eyes Closed
Artificial Lashes

Eyelids help to keep the cornea moist by producing essential oils for your tears

When you blink or close your eyes, the tear film, a lubricant and antibacterial secretion produced by the lacrimal glands, is dispersed across the surface of the cornea, preventing it from drying out.

The blink also squeezes the tiny glands in the eyelids to release fine oily droplets, from the meibomian glands.


Eyelids are vulnerable to a variety of conditions due to their numerous layers and continual exposure to your surroundings. What most people are unaware of is how important it is to practice proper eyelid hygiene.

Proper and safe eyelid hygiene

Given the amount of dirt, pollution, debris, and foreign matter that accumulates on our eyelids and lashes on a daily basis, good eyelid care is essential. Unless you thoroughly clean around your eye, all the dirt and debris will remain beneath the eyelid, where they become trapped.

Eyelid hygiene is especially effective as a preventative measure. Someone who keeps their eyelids clean is protecting themselves from a variety of potentially serious eye conditions.


Soap free is important!

Soap is great at removing the oily bits of your cooking pans. But sometimes in the human body, specially in our eyes, oil should not be removed. On the contrary, it should be protected.

Your eyes count with a very important oily film, called the lipid layer. This natural lipid layer is crucial for reducing the excessive evaporation of your tears.

The most sensitive skin

Eyelids contain the thinnest skin on the body, being made of intricate layers of skin, muscle, tissue, fat and glands.

Using NACLINO™ Lid Wipes, you avoid introducing any soaps or irritants to the delicate skin around your eyes, keeping you on the safe side and staying away from unnecessary complications. 

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