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A New School Year, New Challenges: Back-to-School Dry Eye Care

With the summer sun slowly setting earlier and the autumn breeze starting to creep in, this means one thing – back-to-school season is here. A new school season may be exciting, but also full of many challenges – commuting, long study hours, keeping deadlines, and dry eye, which can take a toll on your or your kid’s eyes.

Dry eye occurs when the balance of the tear film is disrupted. It is commonly divided into two types: aqueous deficient dry eye with insufficient production of tear and evaporative dry eye, in which the lipid layer is defective, leading to excessive evaporation. Common symptoms of dry eye include dryness, itching, burning, foreign body sensations, etc. [1]

Two students sitting at their respective computers

Long study hours and screen time may cause dry eye during your school season

Dry eye may be caused by multiple factors including contact lens, air conditioning/heating, medications and aging to list a few. During the new school year, long study hours with screen time may be troublesome and result in dry eye symptoms. [2] In particular, prolonged screen time is associated with a decreased blink rate, which can induce computer vision syndrome that has symptoms similar to that of dry eye disease. [3]

If you suffer from dry eye during school season, these simple measures may help alleviate dry eye symptoms [4]:

  • Taking breaks between screen time

  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule

  • Using screens with sufficient illumination

  • Avoiding windy, heated, or air-conditioned dry air

  • Sufficient sleep

But, these are temporary solutions, and when your dry eye symptoms worsen, other measures may be required.

Often, your eye doctor may recommend using lubricating eye drops to keep your eyes moisturized. But with many different products available on the shelves, you may be lost. Let’s take a deep dive on how to find the proper lubricating eye drops and effectively manage dry eye symptoms.

Choosing the right eye drops is of the upmost importance

When reviewing the key ingredients found in lubricating eye drops, here are a few pointers to look out for:

  1. Preservative-free drops: preservatives are used to prevent contamination of drops, but at the same time, preservatives are irritants of the eye surface. In fact, prolonged use of preserved drops leads to further worsening of dry eye symptoms. [5]

  2. Phosphate-free drops: phosphates are used in buffer solutions to maintain the pH level of eye drops. But, phosphates can have downsides – while rare, there is the chance of forming water insoluble crystals deposits on the eye surface in those who have recently undergone eye surgeries or injuries. For optimal eye health, avoiding phosphate-containing eye drops when possible is generally recommended. [6]

  3. Lubricant: this is what keeps the eyes moisturized and hydrated. Ideal lubricants are highly viscous, without impairing the vision, thanks to their water-binding capacities. Sodium hyaluronate is an effective and common lubricant in modern eye drops.

Then, which eye drops satisfy these criteria? Luckily, CandorVision™ may help you find the ideal lubricating eye drop.

Combat dry eye with CandorVision during back-to-school

Preservative-free and phosphate-free HYLO® family of lubricating eye drops come in sterile, multidose, airless bottle technology system, dispensing one drop at a time. The formulations stay sterile for 6 months after first use. With highest-quality sodium hyaluronate, HYLO® family provides dry eye relief experience unparalleled by others.

Available in four different formulations, our HYLO® family treats mild-to-moderate and even chronic, inflammatory dry eye symptoms. HYLO® and HYLO® Gel are two members of the HYLO® family recommended for daily use as they are compatible with contact lens and provide long-lasting dry eye relief for those who suffer from mild-to-moderate to severe dry eye symptoms. HYLO® and HYLO® Gel are phosphate free and indicated for post-surgery use. [7] Are you a new dry eye sufferer? Then, you can always begin with our NEW HYLO® mini, an additional, starter pack size containing 150 drops with the same HYLO® advantages.

If you are suffering from ocular allergies, HYLO-DUAL® is the all-round drop for both dry eye and allergy relief. HYLO-DUAL® contains ectoine for immediate and effective relief of allergy symptoms you may be experiencing. HYLO Dual Intense™ is another member of the HYLO® family that contains ectoine. But, with higher concentrations of sodium hyaluronate combined with the effects of ectoine, HYLO Dual Intense™ relieves chronic, inflammatory dry eye symptoms.

For those who may be seeking an alternative solution to lubricating eye drops, CALMO® Eye Spray is the go-to option! Sprayed on the closed eyes, CALMO® Eye Spray is a liposomal suspension that provides immediate relief of dry eye. After studying for long hours on screen, you may experience lipid deficiency and subsequent symptoms similar to dry eye, known as computer vision syndrome. CALMO® Eye Spray will humidify and stabilize the lipid layer of the tear film, reducing the symptoms you are experiencing.

When seasonal allergies, dust, or other irritants strike again, cleaning your eyelids and eyelashes may be beneficial in finding relief. Irritants may be present on your lids or in your lashes, and cleaning them will help to prevent further irritation of your eyes. Using saline-only, sterile NACLINO™ Lid Wipes and soap-free CALMO® Lid Care, can help clean and moisturize your eyelids and lashes.

HYLO® family of lubricating eye drops, OCUNOX® nighttime ointment, CALMO® Eye Spray, CALMO® Lid Care, and NACLINO™ are available for health professionals and patients across Canada at the nearest local pharmacies, optometry and ophthalmology clinics.

Should you have any concerns about your eye health, please consult with your eye health professional for medical assistance.

CandorVision™ – Your eyes are everything!



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