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Herzig Eye Institute introduces HYLO® / HYLO® Gel

The Herzig Eye Institute becomes the first clinic in Canada to introduce HYLO® / HYLO® Gel, an ideal lubricant for patients who suffer from Dry Eye disease. “HYLO® / HYLO® Gel is an excellent treatment for our patients who suffer from Dry Eye disease, as it is preservative free, phosphate free and achieves intensive and long-lasting lubrication for the eyes,” states Dr. Sheldon Herzig, Co-founder and Medical Director, Herzig Eye Institute. “Preservatives can damage the ocular surface and contact lenses and phosphate-based buffer systems can cause formation of water-insoluble calcium phosphate deposits in the outer cell layers of the cornea, but this excellent new lubricant meets our high standards and HYLO® / HYLO® Gel’s 300-drop dispensing system makes them very easy to use.”



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