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New Canadian Pharmaceutical Company Introduces a Significant Advance in Dry Eye Disease Treatment

German technology gives access to an entirely preservative-free treatment that remains sterile 6 months after first use.

Montreal, Quebec – June 14, 2013 – CandorVision is pleased to announce the launch of a new treatment option that can fundamentally change the management of dry eye disease.

Hylo® offers features that have never been combined before. Providing immediate, long-lasting relief, Hylo® is entirely free of preservatives and phosphates. While other preservative-free products are only available in single-dose vials, Hylo® comes in a bottle with a patented German-engineered application system, ensuring sterility for six months after first use. Most products containing preservatives are not recommended for use more than 30 days after opening.

“Hylo® changes everything.” says Dr. Frank Heidemann, President and CEO, CandorVision. “Patients now have access to a truly preservative-free product that remains sterile for six months after first use. This means patients need no longer worry about the potential serious side effects associated with preservatives, the risks of using a product that has been open more than 30 days, or the drawbacks of single-dose vials. We are very proud to be launching this product in Canada.”

“Dry eye disease can be very painful if not treated properly. It affects millions of Canadians, so we are always looking for treatment options that will be well-tolerated, convenient and effective. Hylo® combines features that eye-care specialists and patients have sought for a long time,” comments Dr. Michèle Mabon, Cornea and anterior segment specialist, Hospital Maisonneuve Rosemont and Associate Clinical Professor at Université de Montreal.

There are many triggers for dry-eye disease such as air conditioning, computer work, hormone changes, certain medications, environmental factors, eye surgery like Lasik and eye injuries.

Artificial tears with preservatives are associated with undesirable effects including allergies, damage to corneal cells and damage to contact lenses. Most solutions containing preservatives are not recommended for use more than 30 days after opening.

About CandorVision

CandorVision (a division of CandorPharm Inc.) was founded in 2012 by Dr. Frank Heidemann. A German/Canadian pharmacist, Dr. Heidemann was the former head of Sandoz in the United Kingdom. Previously, he was President and CEO of Rhoxalpharma in Canada. He returned to Montreal with his family to establish CandorPharm with the aim of making proven European pharmaceuticals and medical devices available to Canadians.



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