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NEW HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini for chronic dry eye – jump early at inflammatory symptoms

Montreal, June 3rd, 2024 – CandorVision™ (a division of CandorPharm Inc.) is pleased to introduce HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini, expanding once again the HYLO® family of preservative-free, phosphate-free lubricating eye drops.

Dry eye disease is a progressive condition that may become chronic. Persistent dryness can disrupt the ocular surface and often involves symptoms of inflammation, such as itching and burning.

While various lubricating eye drops are available for dry eye relief, adequate treatments for chronic symptoms are not as common. The unique combination of highest-quality, high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate and ectoine offers strong, long-lasting dry eye relief and effectively alleviates persistent dry eye and inflammatory symptoms.

HYLO DUAL INTENSE’s introduction has set the new Gold Standard for preservative-free, phosphate-free treatment of chronic dry eye in Canada. Its positive remarks led to many wondering about an additional, starter pack size.“, says Dr. Frank Heidemann, President & CEO and founder of CandorVision. “HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini, the newest additional starter pack size of our most advanced dry eye treatment with its 150 drops at an attractive starter price now enables Canadian eye health professionals to help their patients jump early at chronic dry eye and inflammatory symptoms.” 

HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini shares every benefit of HYLO DUAL INTENSE: a unique, highly viscous formulation of the high-quality sodium hyaluronate and ectoine for treatment of chronically dry eyes. HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini provides intensive lubrication of the cornea and conjunctiva while stabilizing the tear film against excessive evaporation of tears and relieving inflammatory symptoms.

“It is not just the highest-quality, high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, which makes HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini unique. Ectoine also helps to relieve inflammatory symptoms and balance the tear film for a comprehensive solution to chronic dry eye”, remarks Dr. Frank Heidemann. “Dry eye relief with HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini means easier transition to stronger and more intensive therapy, delaying the costly and often uncomfortable move towards other anti-inflammatory treatment options!”

HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini bottle and box surrounded by a golden wave.

HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini can be found Canada-wide at pharmacies behind the counter alongside the HYLO® family of dry eye treatments and CALMO® / NACLINO™ lid hygiene, and at selected optometry and ophthalmology clinics.


CandorVision™ (a division of CandorPharm Inc.) is a Canadian-owned and operated company which develops and markets the highest quality ophthalmic medical devices for dry eye and lid hygiene treatment for the Canadian market. CandorVision™ provides cutting-edge technology to health professionals, developed with the protection of our environment and environmentally compliant techniques in mind.


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