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NEW HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini starter pack: Jump early at chronic dry eye and inflammation!

For many individuals, dry eye is far more than a minor inconvenience. As dry eye is a progressive condition, symptoms that were initially mild and moderate may become severe, even chronic and inflammatory, quickly diminishing one’s quality of life. Among different strategies to treat worsening dry eye symptoms, lubricating eye drops, also commonly known as artificial tears, can be convenient and efficient. Specifically for chronic dry eye and inflammatory symptoms like itching and burning, CandorVision’s HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ is a recommended choice by many dry eye patients and health professionals.

HYLO DUAL INTENSE™’s introduction has set the new Gold Standard for preservative-free, phosphate-free treatment of chronic dry eye in Canada. The unique combination of highest-quality, high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate and ectoine provided intensive, long-lasting dry eye relief for thousands of Canadians.

The HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ box set in a backdrop of lush jungle and towering mountains.

With our latest expansion of the HYLO® family, you can now jump early at chronic dry eye and inflammatory symptoms. Our NEW HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini is an additional starter pack size at an attractive starter price with 150 drops. Curious to know what’s new with HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini? Let’s dive deeper together.

What is new with HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini?

The key thing you need to know about our HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini is 5mL, 150 drops. Our starter pack-sized HYLO DUAL INTENSE mini is the Gold Standard that helps you jump early at chronic dry eye and inflammation.

Now with an attractive starter price, you can experience the same HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ benefits, using HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini 

  1. Intensive lubrication of chronically dry eyes 

  2. Relieves inflammatory symptoms: burning and itching 

  3. Long-lasting for fewer daily applications 

Are you experiencing progressive chronic dry eye symptoms or suffering from early onset of inflammatory symptoms? Try HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini for early, intensive relief!

HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini is now available Canada-wide!

You can find HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini Canada-wide at pharmacies, behind the counter, and at optometry and ophthalmology clinics.

Try HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ mini today and Feel the Difference!

Should you have any concerns about your eye health, please consult with your eye health professional for medical assistance.

CandorVision™ – Your eyes are everything!


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