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Solving Spring Allergies with Ectoine – a Gift From Nature!

Blooming flowers and trees signal the promise of renewal. At the same time, some of us sense the unwelcoming arrival of allergies. During the spring, seasonal allergies tend to be severe, and the discomfort arising from eye allergies requires adequate treatment. [1]

Did you know that over 60% of Canadians may seek alternative treatments for their allergies? Many believe that their symptoms are only sub-optimally managed. [2] If you are looking for an effective allergy treatment, you may have just stumbled onto the ideal solution: ectoine, a gift from the nature for immediate relief of symptoms caused by inflammation and allergies. 

What is ectoine? 

Ectoine [echt-oh-in] is a natural compound that can be generally classified as an extremolyte. Extremolytes such as ectoine are derived from species of microorganisms living in extreme weather conditions such as salt lakes, hot geysers, and icebergs. Ectoine with osmoprotective behaviors helps the microorganisms adapt and survive in such environments. [3,4]   

Thanks to its exceptional properties, ectoine has drawn attention from both the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, in particular ophthalmic treatments like allergy eye drops. Wondering how ectoine can benefit your eyes? Let’s find out! 

Here are the benefits of ectoine on the eyes 

Ectoine has an unique ability to bind water molecules. The water surrounding ectoine is bound very compactly and forms a physiologic barrier. The so-called ectoine -water “shield” is formed on the outer layer of cells or macromolecules [3, 4, 5, 6] and is the primary reason why ectoine can help relieve symptoms of eye allergies. 

  1. Ectoine relieves itching and burning symptoms caused by allergies and inflammation. Ectoine protects cell membranes from contact with allergenic substances and against inflammatory responses to environmental stress. This can include any airborne allergens, dehydration, or UV radiation. [5,6]

  2. Ectoine helps to hydrate the ocular surface! It has stabilization effect on the lipid layer of the tear film. This protects against the excessive evaporation of tears, in addition to retaining water molecules. [5,6] 

We now covered how ectoine works. Let’s explore how ectoine can provide additional benefits for allergy relief! 

How does ectoine compare to other allergy treatments? 

Oral and ophthalmic antihistamines/mast cell stabilizers are common treatments for eye allergies. While they help with relief of allergy symptoms, they may cause unwanted dryness of the nose, mouth, and eyes as well as stinging sensation and redness of the eyes. Doctors also recommend taking allergy medications for 2-4 weeks before the season begins, which may cause inconvenience. 

Reassuringly, studies on ectoine support that it may be a great alternative, first-line treatment for eye allergies. Ectoine shows similar efficacy in relief of eye allergy symptoms compared to modern ophthalmic antihistamine and mast cell stabilizers, with better tolerability – no stinging or burning sensation. [7,8] Ectoine also has immediate effects on allergy and inflammatory symptoms, while providing an additional benefit of keeping the eyes lubricated. One drop of ectoine may be all you need for allergy and dry eye relief! 

It seems we found your go-to active ingredient for seasonal ocular allergies. Do you want to guess which eye drop contains ectoine? 

The HYLO-DUAL® mini bottle rests on a rock in the water with roses surrounding it.

Get your HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL® today! 

HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL®, containing ectoine and high-quality sodium hyaluronate, are all-round drops for allergy and dry eye relief. Preservative-free and phosphate-free HYLO-DUAL® is available in two different pack sizes, dispensing one drop at a time: 

  • HYLO-DUAL® mini: an additional starter pack size and starter price with 150 drops, providing easier first-time experience and relief.  

  • HYLO-DUAL®: a value pack size with 300 drops for long-term supply and frequent users 

Curious to experience the benefits of ectoine? Find HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL® Canada-wide at pharmacies, behind the counter, and at selected optometry and ophthalmology clinics! 

Feel the Difference with HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL®

Should you have any concerns about your eye health, please consult with your eye health professional for medical assistance.  

CandorVision – Your eyes are everything! 


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