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Engineered with patient safety at heart

The world's first preservative-free, multi-dose container. Developed by German scientists and with 10 years of proven patient success in Canada!

Why is preservative free important?

Over-the-counter eye drops often contain preservatives in order to prevent contamination with microorganisms. However, preservatives are not risk free: they can trigger hypersensitivities, impede tissue regeneration, and exacerbate dry eye symptoms.

How does HYLO® stay sterile without preservatives?

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In order to avoid the potential complications associated with preservatives, HYLO® / HYLO-DUAL® / HYLO® GEL / HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ feature an integral AIRLESS application system – a sophisticated ventilation duct prevents the solution in the bottle from coming into contact with contaminated environmental air. Microorganisms cannot enter the bottle, preventing contamination of the product during use.


The HYLO® application system is designed to deliver 300 sterile doses of solution – one drop at a time!


Preservatives are no longer required: This innovative system guarantees liquids are kept sterile during storage and 6 months after first use. There is a space on the bottle where you can note the date the product was first used.

Due to the specific design of the bottle, a small amount of drops will remain in it at exhaustion.

The HYLO® Technology vs. single-use, uni-dose containers

The high-quality HYLO® bottles have a smooth dropper tip. In contrast, ripping open the single-dose containers can create sharp-edged drop openings that increase the risk of injury to the eyelid margin or eye. The HYLO® application system thus provides additional safety for your eyes. This system also has environmental benefits: compared with single-dose containers, it produces less packaging waste.

How to use HYLO®?

The HYLO® application system is easy and safe to handle! Watch the instructional video below for a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly apply your treatment:

HYLO Family of eye drops

Which HYLO® is right for you?

HYLO® Eye Drops

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