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HYLO®, a suitable choice for contact lens wearers 

Contact lenses offer certain benefits over glasses. They don’t fog up in winter, don’t get in your way when you play sports, provide more natural vision – the list goes on. But over time, contact lenses may irritate the eyes and cause dryness.

But why are contact lenses causing dry eyes? Are there any ways to relieve dryness when wearing contact lenses? 

Hylo rewetting eye drops with contact lenses
Contact lens in an eye

Contact lenses and dry eyes

Dry eyes is a progressive condition caused by multiple factors, [1] and sadly, it is an unfortunate price in return for the convenience of wearing contacts. Approximately 50% of all contact lens wearers experience dry eye sensation, with 25% to 30% of all wearers discontinuing lens wear temporarily or permanently. [2] This is due to contact lenses blocking oxygen flow to the eyes and absorbing tear on the eye surface, leading to dry eyes. 

Fortunately, dry eye sensation can be relieved using lubricating eye drops. But, not all lubricating eye drops are the same. Let’s take a closer look at how you can choose a suitable lubricating eye drop for your eyes and contact lenses. 

Choosing a Suitable Lubricating Eye Drop for Contact Lens Wearers 

Preservatives are a common ingredient in lubricating eye drops that help to maintain the sterility of drops. But preservatives can irritate the eyes and eventually cause more severe dry eye sensation, [3,4] and modern lubricating eye drops are now often preservative free.

Secondly, the type and quality of lubricants in the eye drops also greatly affect the lubricating effects and duration. Modern lubricating eye drops tend to contain sodium hyaluronate, a natural lubricant found in our eyes and joints.

Therefore, lubricating eye drops for rewetting of contact lenses and dry eye relief must be preservative free with high-functioning lubricants. Curious where you can find such lubricating eye drops?  

HYLO Family for Relief of
Contact Lens-Associated Dry Eyes 

HYLO®, HYLO®-Dual, and HYLO® Gel are our recommended lubricating eye drops for contact lens wearers. All three drops are preservative free, thanks to our top German technology, ensuring 100% sterility for 6 months after first use. With our HYLO bottle, all of our easy-to-use lubricating eye drops have a guaranteed amount of 300 drops, one drop at a time. Our lubricating drops also contain high-quality viscous sodium hyaluronate for long-lasting lubricating effects.

HYLO®, HYLO®-Dual, and HYLO® Gel can be used while wearing hard and soft contact lenses. HYLO® family of lubricating eye drops relieve dry eyes in individuals wearing:

  • Hydrogel lenses 

  • Silicone hydrogel lenses 

  • Conventional soft lenses 

  • Rigid gas-permeable lenses (RGP) 

HYLO® family of lubricating eye drops are safe and tolerable. No irreversible depositions and tolerance problems! 

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Where can I find HYLO® Family of Lubricating Eye Drops?

HYLO® family of lubricating eye drops are available at your nearest optometry or ophthalmology clinics and pharmacies without prescription! Try our HYLO® family of lubricating eye drops now!

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HYLO Family of eye drops

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