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CandorVision and Optometry During COVID-19 – Committed to Exceptional Patient Care

This March, the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic meant that everyone had to act swiftly to prioritize health and safety. Our daily routines changed within a matter of days, and new processes had to be preemptively adopted to follow federal and provincial regulations in order to help stop the spread of the virus.

As a reliable partner for Canadian eye health professionals for more than seven years, we at CandorVision have been in frequent contact with many optometry clinic team members as we processed their orders and checked in to better understand their individual situation, sharing best practices and working together on tailored solutions if any assistance was required.

See our article in BCDO Eye Digest to learn more about how our amazing optometry professionals are working tirelessly to adapt and for their ingenuity to meet the needs of patients and their communities. Special thanks to the British Columbia Doctors of Optometry Association for including us in their publication! At CandorVision we are proud to be working with such caring and entrepreneurial partners. To all the front-line eye health professionals, we send our deepest thanks and respect for all you have done and continue to do!

Working closely and communicating openly with such dedicated eye health professionals during this temporary crisis, we are optimistic about the future! With the lifting of restrictions being imminent, we look forward to working together with clinics and their patients each step of the way to recovery.

With health and safety as THE most recent top patient priority, now is the time to remember: Don’t forget about your eyes, your eyes are everything!



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