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Love your lid care routine with our NEW CALMO Lid Care 30mL!

In the pursuit of optimal eye health, we frequently use lubricating eye drops – also known as artificial tears; however, one may often overlook the significance of conscientious and proper lashes, eyelids, and eyelid margin hygiene. Poor practice of eyelid hygiene may interrupt the tear film homeostasis and result in the eyes feeling dry. With CandorVision’s new gentle, soothing, and effective eyelid care treatment, daily eyelid hygiene has just become even easier.

Eyelids and lashes – the vanguard of eye defence

Our eyelids and lashes are the outermost part of the eyes. As the very first line of defence, they protect the eyes from foreign threats such as dust particles, infections, and sunlight/harsh wind. [1]

Among other various roles, helping to maintain the integrity of the tear film is another responsibility of our eyelids. Meibomian glands are found along the eyelids and secrete the natural oil required to prevent excessive evaporation of our tears. [1,2]

But sometimes, these unsung heroes, our eyelids and lashes, are not properly taken care of. This could be due to the accumulation of makeup residues, ocular debris, or even from certain health conditions. When our eyelids start to become irritated, the tear film may also start to be affected. The consequences may lead to inflamed eyelids and related dry eye symptoms that may bring unwanted discomfort to our daily lives.

Although various types of eyelid hygiene products are available in the Canadian market, the journey of finding the right one can be exhausting as products contain ingredients that can further irritate the eyelids and lashes.  

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best eyelid and lash hygiene treatment.

NEW CALMO® Lid Care 30mL bottle and box.

Soap is not a friend for your eyelids

Soaps (tensides) or baby shampoos are a popular choice of ingredients for cleansing of the eyelids and lashes. Soaps effectively remove debris and oil; however, they can strip away the natural lipids of the tear film as well. This makes tears evaporate faster and potentially worsen dry eye symptoms. Hence, choosing a soap-free cleanser for makeup removal and daily eyelid hygiene may help to improve conditions such as blepharitis, ocular rosacea, conjunctivitis, and dry eye symptoms.

Look for fragrance free and paraben free!

Fragrances are added to various products for a sensorial effect. But did you know that synthetic fragrances are chemicals that may irritate the skin and one of the main causes leading to contact dermatitis? [3] For optimal well-being of the eyelids and eyes, you can seek fragrance-free lid hygiene treatments.

Cosmetic parabens act as preservatives (or sometimes fragrances) to maintain the integrity of eyelid and lash hygiene products. Studies show that long-term exposure to preservatives may contribute to and upset dry eye symptoms! [4,5,6] Using a paraben-free lid hygiene treatment is a good strategy to improve your ocular health.

What you should look for in your eyelid and lash hygiene treatment

Try liposome (oil)-based eyelid hygiene treatments instead of soap-based products, Liposomes are gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes and help to effectively remove debris. Additionally, the liposomes can nourish the outer lipid layer of the tear film to help with dry eye symptoms! [7]

In summary, the ideal eyelid and lash hygiene treatment should be soap free, paraben free, and fragrance free while effectively removing ocular debris and makeup.

That sounds just like CALMO® Lid Care. Voilà – a liposomal suspension for daily eyelid hygiene and removal of makeup! The liposomes that closely mimic the natural lipids in our tear film make CALMO Lid Care unique and effective, all while being soap free, paraben free, and fragrance free.

In addition to the current CALMO® Lid Care 70mL, we are excited to introduce CALMO® Lid Care 30mL, our newest Gold Standard eyelid hygiene treatments for greater patient success.

What is CALMO® Lid Care 30mL?

CALMO® Lid Care 30mL is our new, starter size and price for soap-free lid hygiene and is suited for health professionals who wish to bring an easier first-time experience of CALMO® Lid Care therapy for their patients.

CALMO® Lid Care 30mL, brings the same Gold Standard benefits as CALMO® Lid Care 70mL:

  1. Liposomal technology helps stabilize the tear film’s lipid layer [7]

  2. Soap free, paraben free, and fragrance free 

  3. Soothing experience for better adherence

With CALMO® Lid Care 30mL and 70mL, health professionals can seek to improve patient compliance and success, expand their patient base, and have an additional tool for acute treatment and management of eyelid hygiene.

Who is CALMO® Lid Care 30mL for?

The starter pack size of CALMO® Lid Care 30mL is suitable for: 

  • New patients requiring acute treatment management of eyelid hygiene

  • Dry eye patients who want additional care of their ocular health

  • Travel-sized lid hygiene – ready for on the go!

Where can you find CALMO® Lid Care 30mL?

Just like other dry eye and eyelid hygiene treatments at CandorVision, CALMO® Lid Care 30mL is now available Canada-wide at nearby optometry and ophthalmology clinics and at pharmacies, behind the counter without prescription. 

Consult your eye health professional for your health concerns and medical assistance.

CandorVision™ – Your eyes are everything!


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