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NEW HYLO® GEL mini: strong dry eye relief without compromising visual acuity

Montreal, June 3rd, 2024 – CandorVision™ (a division of CandorPharm Inc.) is thrilled to announce the launch of HYLO® GEL mini, its latest addition to the HYLO® family of preservative-free, phosphate-free, lubricating eye drops.

Dry eye disease is a progressive condition affecting millions of Canadians. With multiple contributing factors, symptoms can increase in severity over time, resulting in patients seeking stronger relief.

A wide array of artificial tears is available in Canada; choosing the right treatment is the key to long-lasting dry eye relief. Modern dry eye drops feature sodium hyaluronate as the main ingredient. But not all sodium hyaluronate is the same. The higher the molecular weight of sodium hyaluronate, the higher the quality and intrinsic viscosity, which provides longer-lasting lubrication of the ocular surface. 

For over 10 years, HYLO® GEL has helped tens of thousands of Canadians to achieve strong, long-lasting relief of their severe dry eye symptoms. Eye health professionals appreciate HYLO® GEL as the first preservative-free, phosphate-free dry eye treatment in a multi-dose, easy-to-use bottle. Many inquired about an additional, starter pack size.

“We are excited to announce HYLO® GEL mini as a new addition to our HYLO® family of lubricating eye drops”, says Dr. Frank Heidemann, President & CEO and founder of CandorVision™. “HYLO® GEL mini is a new, starter pack size with 150 drops at an attractive starter price. Patients suffering from severe dry eye will now have it easier to find the immediate and long-lasting dry eye relief they’ve been looking for.”

New HYLO® GEL mini box and bottle. An ant is lifting the HYLO® GEL mini bottle to show that mini can also be strong.

HYLO® GEL mini shares all the same benefits of HYLO® GEL, particularly containing a high concentration of the highest-quality sodium hyaluronate. While providing immediate and long-lasting relief, HYLO® GEL mini does not compromise visual acuity. Its preservative-free, phosphate-free composition is recommended for everyday use alleviating severe dry-eye symptoms and for post-surgical use. 


“Dry eye is a progressive disease.”, says Dr. Frank Heidemann. “HYLO® GEL mini will help dry eye patients with worsening symptoms move to the next level of dry eye relief. It allows them to manage their elevated symptoms more effectively and live a fulfilled life without compromise.”

HYLO® GEL mini is now available Canada-wide at pharmacies behind the counter alongside the HYLO® family of dry eye treatments and CALMO® / NACLINO™ lid hygiene, and at selected optometry and ophthalmology clinics.



CandorVision™ (a division of CandorPharm Inc.) is a Canadian-owned and operated company which develops and markets the highest quality ophthalmic medical devices for dry eye and lid hygiene treatment for the Canadian market. CandorVision™ provides cutting-edge technology to health professionals, developed with the protection of our environment and environmentally compliant techniques in mind.


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