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Transitioning to STRONGER dry eye relief with HYLO® GEL mini has never been easier!

Do dry eye symptoms ever become worse over time? 

We are delighted you asked us! 

What may surprise many of us is that dry eye is a progressive condition. Weeks, months, and maybe years later, dry eye symptoms that were initially mild to moderate may become severe! When the symptoms worsen over time, the usual treatment of choice may not work as well as it used to, requiring new approaches to provide relief. 

Dry eye can be a difficult condition to manage. Characterized by a lack of adequate lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye, severe dry eye symptoms may lead to discomfort, visual disturbances, and an overall decrease in quality of life when left untreated. But with advanced lubricated eye drops, like the HYLO® GEL mini, starting strong relief has just become easier. 

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What could be contributing to the worsening dry eye symptoms?

It is challenging to define one root cause of dry eye disease. In fact, dry eye is affected by a combination of factors, such as physiological, environmental, and lifestyle influences. Here are a few, common key contributors (but not limited to!): 


‘Time is gold’. Aging causes a great increase in the severity and frequency of dry eye symptoms. Poor quality of tear, reduced tear production, and a decrease in the Meibomian gland's function as well as hormonal changes contribute to age-related increase in dry eye. [1] 

Contact lens use

Contact lenses are convenient, functional, and aesthetic! But such benefits come at the price of downsides. The thin, extra layer of contact lens material on our eyes may cause dryness from prolonged use. Depending on the type of contact lens, some may limit oxygen flow to our eyes, making the eye surface dry. Increased dryness can also cause friction between the contact lenses and our eyes, which can provoke discomfort and dry eye symptoms. [2] 

Preserved eye drops

Eye drops that you apply for dry eye relief may make your symptoms worse if they contain preservatives. Preservatives in eye drops ensure the contents stay sterile for a specific duration.  Although preservatives may not put your eyes at risk of worsening dryness after a short period, long-term use of preserved eye drops is a risk factor for dryness. [3] 

Eye surgeries

Have you recently undergone LASIK/LASEK or other eye surgeries for cataract, glaucoma, and others? Dry eye is a well-known potential complaint after eye surgeries, and those who have existing dry eye symptoms are more likely to experience increased severity of symptoms. [3] 

Fan/Air conditioning + heating

The external environment can influence the well-being of your eyes too! In summer, working at home or the office without air conditioning is challenging. The constant air circulation from air conditioning can lower the humidity. This may cause the surface of the eyes to dry out, making your dry eye symptoms even worse. The same goes for heating in winter! [4,5] 

Fortunately, severe dry eye symptoms can be managed. What if there is a preservative-free lubricating eye drop that provides strong dry eye relief, can be used while wearing contact lenses, and is indicated for post-surgical lubrication? Here is HYLO® GEL mini (and regular HYLO® GEL). 

The Solution: HYLO® GEL Mini

Our NEW HYLO® GEL mini is intended for starting users to start STRONG dry eye relief. Its mini pack size with 150 drops at an attractive price provides an easier first-time experience of HYLO® GEL. Starter pack size for starting users! 

Wondering about the science behind HYLO® GEL mini – how does it relieve severe dry eye symptoms? Here is how:

High molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate

It is no secret that our HYLO® family contains the highest-quality sodium hyaluronate. The higher the quality of sodium hyaluronate, the higher the molecular weight, meaning long-lasting dry eye relief.  

In particular, our HYLO® GEL mini and HYLO® GEL contain a high concentration (2 mg/mL) of the highest-quality sodium hyaluronate – viscous for strong, immediate, and long-lasting dry eye relief, yet wouldn’t compromise the visual acuity!  

Citrate buffer: suitable for post-surgical use

On rare occasions, phosphate in eye drops can cause calcification on the eye surface after surgeries. Phosphate-free and preservative-free HYLO® GEL mini and HYLO® GEL avoids such complications with a citrate buffer, making it ideal for long term use and lubrication.  

Use HYLO® GEL mini and HYLO® GEL while wearing contact lenses

HYLO® GEL mini and HYLO® GEL are viscous, but yes they can be used while wearing soft and hard contact lenses. Looking to rewet your eyes and contact lenses from dryness? Try our HYLO® GEL mini and HYLO® GEL! 

Severe dry eye symptoms don’t have to be troublesome. With HYLO® GEL mini and HYLO® GEL, you can enjoy the benefits of phosphate-free, preservative-free formula, long-lasting strong relief, post-surgery use, and improved comfort while wearing contact lenses. Start STRONG dry eye relief now! 


Where can I find HYLO® GEL mini

HYLO® GEL mini is now available Canada-wide at nearby optometry and ophthalmology clinics and at pharmacies, behind the counter! Try HYLO® GEL mini today and Feel the Difference! 

Should you have any concerns about your eye health, please consult with your eye health professional for medical assistance. 

CandorVision™ – Your eyes are everything! 


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