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Are you ready for the new HYLO-DUAL® mini?

Just like dry eye, allergies affect millions of Canadians. Ever since its launch, HYLO-DUAL®, the all-round drop for both dry eye and allergy relief, has become the go-to favourite of many patients and healthcare professionals, revolutionizing the standard of care.

Along with great love and positive reviews, many have inquired about a smaller, starter pack size of HYLO-DUAL®. CandorVision™ has listened to you, and the wait is now over! HYLO-DUAL® mini, a new additional 150-drop pack size – with the same HYLO-DUAL® advantages loved by you – is here!

Are you curious to know what is new with HYLO-DUAL® mini?


What is HYLO-DUAL® mini:

HYLO-DUAL® mini is a new 150-drop starter pack-size, making it easier for health professionals and their patients to start HYLO-DUAL® therapy on the right foot.

HYLO-DUAL® mini provides the same exceptional all-round dry eye and allergy relief benefits as HYLO-DUAL® in an additional starter pack size:

  1. Ectoine: immediate relief of symptoms caused by allergies and inflammation

  2. Highest-quality (high molecular weight) sodium hyaluronate for long-lasting dry eye relief 

  3. Safe, German-engineered airless bottle, dispensing one drop at a time

Who is HYLO-DUAL® mini for?

Thanks to its smaller pack size, HYLO-DUAL® mini is ideal for:

  • New dry eye and allergy sufferers

  • Infrequent users

Where can you find HYLO-DUAL® mini?

HYLO-DUAL® mini is now available Canada-wide at nearby optometry and ophthalmology clinics and at pharmacies, behind the counter without a prescription.

Looking for more information on HYLO® mini? Check out our recent blog here:

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