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I (eye) don’t fancy spring allergies

The winter season has been long and daunting, as usual. We can’t be the only ones counting down the number of days left until spring!

We love spring for many reasons – vibrant colours, fresh scents, and most importantly, warm weather. But, the seasonal transition is not everyone’s favourite. As nature awakens, a new seasonal challenge (i.e., eye allergies) is greeting us. What if there is a simple, quick solution to seasonal eye allergies? Let’s dive deeper to find how you can enjoy this spring free from eye allergy symptoms. 

Pollen levels during the spring season

A graph demonstrating the rise in pollen counts for five Canadian cities from the year 2000 until 2015.

Over the last few decades, pollen levels have been steadily increasing. Across North America, there was a 21% increase in pollen levels between 1990 and 2018. [1] Canada also shows a similar trend with an ongoing rise in pollen levels in major Canadian cities such as Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary. [2]

How does this affect us? Well, approximately 1 out of 4 Canadians over the age of 12 have allergies – that is roughly 8.4 million Canadians. The most common cause of spring allergies is pollens from trees, grasses, and ragweed. [3] If you are one of the 8.4 million Canadians, your allergy symptoms may just get worse this upcoming spring season. 

How do eye allergies affect you?

Here are some common symptoms that eye allergies could cause: burning, foreign body sensation, excessive tearing, and watery or white mucus discharge. Itchy eyes are also another common symptom of eye allergies and one of the primary reasons that patients seek medical help from health professionals. [4]

How do these symptoms affect daily lives? In a nutshell, key symptoms such as itchy eyes and excessive tearing may lower the quality of life, more than nasal allergy symptoms! [5]

Those suffering from eye allergies tend to miss more work hours than unaffected colleagues (approximately half a day more), due to reasons such as visiting doctors.[6] Eye allergy symptoms may also impair performance at work! Similarly, students with eye allergies show reduced productivity and concentration at school. [7] Partaking in outdoor activities may also be limited. [7] Having to spend time indoors when the weather is warm outside can be frustrating.

Beyond work and daily life, sleep burden is another challenge for sufferers of eye allergies! Difficulties in falling asleep, shortened duration of nighttime sleep, and poor quality of sleep are examples of how seasonal eye allergies can disturb sleep. [6, 7, 8]


Altogether, in extreme cases, these experiences could translate into negative emotions such as frustration, anger, stress, and depression. [6,9,10] Hence, finding an adequate treatment for eye allergy symptoms is fundamental for our well-being. An allergy eye drop that works immediately and is effective could be a part of the solution to a happy, allergy-free spring season.

What makes HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL® effective for immediate allergy relief?


HYLO-DUAL® mini on a table-top in a garden with flowers.

HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL® are all-round drops for dry eye and allergy relief. HYLO-DUAL® is available in two different pack sizes. HYLO-DUAL® mini is an additional starter pack size with 150 drops, providing easier first-time experience. Regular HYLO-DUAL® is a value pack size with 300 drops. Long-term or frequent users can benefit from using HYLO-DUAL®.

These two drops have different pack sizes, yet they share the same benefits that are loved by millions of Canadian patients and healthcare professionals!

Here are the main key points on HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL®:

  • Ectoine relieves itching and burning of the eyes caused by inflammation and allergies. As a natural osmoprotectant with a strong water-binding property, ectoine-water complex forms a shield and protects cell membranes from contact with allergenic substances. Ectoine also stabilizes the tear film’s lipid layer, preventing excessive evaporation of tears! [11, 12]

  • High-quality sodium hyaluronate provides long-lasting lubrication of the eyes for dry eye relief. [13]

  • Safe, German-engineered, airless, multi-dose HYLO® bottle dispenses one drop at a time and provides 6 months of sterility after the first use!

  • Preservative-free and phosphate-free HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL® are well tolerated.

  • Can be used while wearing contact lenses, anywhere and anytime when you experience eye allergy symptoms!

If you know you or anyone will be suffering from seasonal eye allergies this upcoming spring season, don’t hesitate. Find HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL® Canada-wide at pharmacies behind the counter and at selected optometry and ophthalmology clinics!

You will Feel the Difference with HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL®!

Should you have any concerns about your eye health, please consult with your eye health professional for medical assistance.

CandorVision™ – Your eyes are everything!


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