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HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ – CandorVision™ takes the gold standard for lubrication in dry eye treatment

Montreal, Quebec – June 1st, 2021 – Canadian-owned and operated CandorVision™ (div. of CandorPharm Inc.) is proud to announce HYLO DUAL INTENSE™, its latest addition to the HYLO®family of preservative-free lubricating eye drops.

“Dry Eye is a progressive disease affecting an ever-growing number of patients”, says Dr. Devinder Cheema (MD CM FRCS DABO), ophthalmologist and Assistant Professor at Montreal’s McGill University. “From dryness caused by increased screen-time, environmental and hormonal changes to post-surgery complications, inflammation and autoimmune diseases such as Sjögren’s Syndrome, dry eye is a growing concern for Canadians.”

HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ is a revolutionary, preservative-free, phosphate-free eye drop for intensive, therapeutic lubrication of chronically dry eyes. It relieves inflammatory symptoms such as burning and itching and provides long-lasting relief for fewer daily applications.

The unique, highly viscous formulation of high-quality Sodium Hyaluronate and Ectoine in HYLO DUAL INTENSE™, provides excellent lubrication of the cornea, conjunctiva, plus stabilization of the tear film against excessive evaporation, and relieves inflammatory symptoms such as itching and burning.

HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ expands the current scope of dry eye treatments available to Canadian eye health care professionals and patients alike, who are seeking the next level in therapeutic dry eye lubrication and relief from chronic, persistent dry eye and inflammatory symptoms.

HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ comes in the easy to use, German-engineered HYLO® application system that delivers guaranteed 300 sterile doses – one drop at a time. This high yield, combined with the intensive long-lasting effect, results in less frequent daily applications and ultimately lower therapy cost for dry eye sufferers.

“The HYLO® family of preservative-free, dry eye drops has revolutionized dry eye treatment for Canadians. Now we are excited to do it again with the launch of HYLO DUAL INTENSE™!” stated Dr. Frank Heidemann, President & CEO of CandorVision™. “HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ is the new Gold Standard in therapeutic lubrication of dry eye in Canada, providing moisture, reducing tear evaporation and fighting inflammatory symptoms – all in one drop and at a great value.”

HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ can be found Canada-wide alongside the CandorVision™ line of dry eye & lid hygiene treatments at optometry clinics and at pharmacies, behind the counter.


CandorVision™ (a division of CandorPharm Inc.) is a Canadian-owned and operated company which develops and markets the highest quality ophthalmic medical devices for dry eye & lid hygiene treatment for the Canadian market. CandorVision™ provides cutting-edge technology to health professionals, while being developed with the protection of our environment and environmentally compliant techniques in mind.

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