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Fall-ing for Relief: Surviving Seasonal Allergy with Allergy Eye Drops

Summer only seems so short with autumn foliage with shades of gold, red, orange, and brown kicking in. When you put on your jacket and boots to head outside and enjoy the crisp air, you may find yourself with itchy and watery eyes. The notoriously famous seasonal allergy is back to overshadow the warm and comforting air of fall.

Allergies are presented in two different forms: perennial, lasting all year long, and seasonal, affecting us mostly in spring and fall. If you are or know someone who is suffering from seasonal allergies, you are not the only one who noticed that the seasons are changing. Approximately every one out of four Canadians experience symptoms of allergic rhinitis. [1] This is mostly caused by pollen from grasses and plants.

A woman sneezing due to the fall allergy.

If you are one of the four Canadians suffering from allergic rhinitis, you may be familiar with the following common allergy symptoms [2]:

  • Itchy eyes

  • Burning eyes

  • Excessive tearing

  • Swollen eyes

  • Redness

Eye allergies may be unpleasant, bringing a great level of discomfort, especially when you are looking forward to partaking in fall activities. At home, you may be able to prevent these symptoms by keeping your windows closed and using air conditioning. [3] But, what do you do when you are outdoors or open your windows to allow the cool fall breeze into your living space?

Common measures that your doctor may recommend for management of seasonal eye allergies include oral medications (antihistamines/mast cell stabilizers), oral decongestants, nasal sprays, allergy shots, and lubricating eye drops to name a few. While the medications are generally effective in allergy relief, some of you may experience unwanted dryness of your eyes.[4]

Use HYLO-DUAL® for seasonal eye allergy relief!

If allergy medications are causing you discomfort with its side effects, allergy eye drops may be a great alternative in managing seasonal allergy symptoms as well as dry eye! CandorVision offers HYLO-DUAL® mini and HYLO-DUAL®: preservative-free, phosphate-free formulations that come in a sterile, multi-dose, and airless delivery system, dispensing one drop at a time. These all-round drops for both dry eye and allergy relief contain sodium hyaluronate for long-lasting lubrication of the eye surface, and ectoine, a unique ingredient that effectively relieves allergy symptoms such as itching and burning.

Ectoine is a natural osmoprotectant produced by extremophiles, which are microorganisms living in extreme environmental conditions. Ectoine has a unique property of binding water, but what is more interesting is that ectoine surrounds macromolecules or cellular membranes with water. The ectoine-water shield “preferentially excludes” the macromolecules and protects them from dehydration and other environmental stress. In turn, the lipid layer of your tear film is stabilized, making it harder for allergens to penetrate and cause inflammatory and allergy symptoms. [5,6]

If you find that are seeking stronger relief for your dry eye and inflammatory symptoms, HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ may provide the relief you need for chronic and inflammatory symptoms.

Another allergy season is just around the corner, and CandorVision is here to help you manage allergies. HYLO-DUAL® mini, HYLO-DUAL®, and HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ are available at optometry and ophthalmology clinics and at pharmacies, behind the counter, without a prescription! Try today and Feel the Difference!

CandorVision™ – Your eyes are everything!


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